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  • Empty Nested

    Empty Nested

    ​I’ve recently been hurled into empty nesthood, and in my latest vlog I share how I’ve been trying to adjust. If you have your own empty nest experience, please share on the YouTube page!   Continue reading

  • My Aching Back!

    My Aching Back!

    Back pain kept me home from work this past week, and it’s not an uncommon occurrence. According to the American Chiropractic Association, “back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year.” Yikes!  ​Anyway, in my latest YouTube post I share some of the back pain remedies that are lying around… Continue reading

  • Launch of My YouTube Channel

    It’s been four years since I published my last book, and I’ve come to the conclusion that another one’s probably not in the cards. At least for now. I’ve been telling myself I really ought to get in front of the computer and start typing away at something new, but the motivation just hasn’t been… Continue reading

  • Finding My Way Through Grief

    Finding My Way Through Grief

    It has been just over two months since my dad died, and I’ve been trying to find ways to navigate through my grief. In the days immediately following his death, I had several experiences that made me believe he was communicating with me. This is an experience many people claim to have had, and I… Continue reading

  • Let Me Tell You About My Dad

    Let Me Tell You About My Dad

    My sweet dad took his life on Sunday. As you can imagine, or may already know, when a loved one dies by suicide you can’t help but run through all the possible “why’s”. This tragedy has sent my family reeling. Did something in him snap? Was he severely depressed and we never knew? Did he… Continue reading

  • A Wedding, a Lunch, and a Revelation

    A Wedding, a Lunch, and a Revelation

    Recently, I attended the perfect storybook wedding. It had all the right ingredients. The adorable flower girl giggling with joy as she ran down the aisle, flinging rose petals in her path. The bride and groom gazing lovingly into each other’s misty eyes as they professed their love for one another. A heartfelt mother/son dance… Continue reading

  • What Do I Know? I’m Just a Teacher.

    What Do I Know? I’m Just a Teacher.

    With each passing year, I become more concerned and disheartened by the direction public education is taking, and that concern is due to a combination of reasons. Large Class Sizes, Lack of Funding, and Lack of Resources I teach computers, so I’m lucky that my classes are capped at forty because that’s how many computers… Continue reading

  • When Brain Cells Take Extended Leave

    When Brain Cells Take Extended Leave

    Though I just turned 50 a couple months ago, I’m worried about the fact that my concentration and memory have been slipping out the door for a while now.I would never try to imply I was once genius material, but as a teen and young adult, I prided myself on being a strong student with… Continue reading

  • My Journey Through POP

    My Journey Through POP

      What is POP, you ask? First, let me say I deliberated over whether to write this post. Though my blog posts have become pathetically few and far between, they’ve never been of such a medically personal nature. In my novel Menopause to Matrimony, I addressed many of the experiences perimenopausal women deal with –… Continue reading

  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot. Proceed to Insert Other Foot.

    Open Mouth, Insert Foot. Proceed to Insert Other Foot.

    It’s such an awful feeling to stick your foot in your mouth, especially when it results in hurting someone’s feelings. And when that someone is a child, it’s a hundred times worse. Enter yours truly this week. It was the end of the last class of the day, and I was standing by the door… Continue reading

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