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  • The Case for Stubborn Optimism

    The Case for Stubborn Optimism

    ​These last few years have been difficult for our country, and the emergence of COVID has made the last year and a half a difficult time for the entire world. For a brief period, it seemed like we were seeing an end to the darkness of 2020. We masked up and stayed in, and infection… Continue reading

  • Check In With Your People

    Check In With Your People

    Today marks two years since my dad ended his life. He left no explanation so I will never know for certain why he made that decision, though I shared my own ideas in this post written shortly after his death. August the following year, a close friend’s son took his life. He was eighteen. He did leave an explanation,… Continue reading

  • Midlife Vision Problems – Part Deux

    Midlife Vision Problems – Part Deux

    In this follow-up to my July video in which weird things were happening to my vision, I share what was causing my problem, as well as a long searched for solution to having to wear two pairs of glasses at the same time while on the computer. (And no, it wasn’t bifocals or progressives.) Continue reading

  • Menopause and HRT – Why I Chose to Go on Estrogen

    Menopause and HRT – Why I Chose to Go on Estrogen

    After making every effort to avoid hormone replacement because of all the scary things I’ve heard about it through the years, I explain why I decided to go on estrogen replacement. It wasn’t just for menopause relief. Continue reading

  • How “The Untethered Soul” is Helping Me Manage Stress

    How “The Untethered Soul” is Helping Me Manage Stress

    I recently finished reading “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer, and I talk about how his ideas are helping me manage my stress in these crazy times. Continue reading

  • Readers, Bifocals, Progressives, Oh My!

    Readers, Bifocals, Progressives, Oh My!

    Readers? Bifocals? Progressives? In my latest YouTube post, I discuss what a pain it has been trying to correct my vision in my 50’s! Continue reading

  • My Experience with Facial Acupuncture

    My Experience with Facial Acupuncture

    In my latest YouTube post, I share my experience with Botox and why I decided to give facial acupuncture a try instead. Continue reading

  • Life and Happiness After Loss

    Life and Happiness After Loss

    Twenty years ago today, I lost my daughter Sydney to leukemia. The night before she died, she had slept between her dad and me, and the memory of waking the next morning to discover she was gone will forever be etched in my mind. While many interactions and events from that time in my life… Continue reading

  • Education Post Covid-19

    Education Post Covid-19

    Remote instruction has created challenges for teachers, parents, and students alike, which leads us to ask… what will education look like post Covid-19? As of now, we can’t know if some form of social distancing will still be needed by the time the 2020-2021 school year begins (I hope not!), but if so, what are… Continue reading

  • Coping During Coronavirus

    Coping During Coronavirus

    ​Feeling a little stressed, are we? In my latest post, I share the ways in which I’m trying to keep a healthy mindset (not that I’m an expert by any means), and talk about some of the simple pleasures we can look forward to when we’re on the other side of coronavirus. Continue reading

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