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  • Adventures in Audiobooks

    ​Holy crap! Was my last post really in August of ’16? I’m embarrassed that I actually have a page on my website dedicated to blogging. Eeeek! I am excited to share that I have some new projects coming up on the horizon. Not writing projects, but stuff I can put my creative energies into, nonetheless.… Continue reading

  • How to Help Your Teen Cope with Stress

    Recently a young writer contacted me and offered to share a post on my blog. Dolly Santos specializes in researching various topics that are relevant in today’s world, and through her research she offers informative tips and strategies. When she asked if I had a preferred topic, I shared that my daughter, who is now… Continue reading

  • Days of Blissful Ignorance

    Me and classmates on stage. I used to tape “witty” captions to my photos in my high school albums. No matter how blessed your adult life may now be — and I’m fortunate to say mine is — sometimes you miss the carefree days of being a teen. Am I right? I’m not saying that… Continue reading

  • It’s Back to School Time!

        Funny how back to school time elicits a variety of responses, depending on who you are. If you are a student or a teacher, I think the above meme expresses our feelings pretty well. If you’re a parent, your feelings might be closer to relief. The kids are about to be back in… Continue reading

  • Long Time Coming

    I never had a burning desire to get a tattoo. In fact, it was something I said I would never do. For one thing, I consider myself a pretty big baby and avoid physical pain at any cost. Since that time, tattoos have become much more common, but they weren’t something I gave much thought… Continue reading

  • Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop Cover Reveal

    I’m pleased to take part in Isabella Louise Anderson’s cover reveal for her latest novel Cards from Khloe’s Flower Shop. Isabella created the Facebook group Chick Lit Goddesses, a place where I have met some amazing women authors who generously offer their support, advice, and friendship. I love this cover. Isn’t it beautiful? Congrats on… Continue reading

  • Everything Happens for a Reason… Really? That’s the Best We Can Do?

    There’s no question a belief in God would come in handy. It would be great to think there’s a plan, and that everything happens for a reason. I don’t happen to believe that. And every time one of my friends says to me, “Everything happens for a reason,” I would like to smack her. –Nora Ephron… Continue reading

  • Goodnight, Sweet Prince

    When David Bowie died a few months ago, I came across several posts in which bloggers expressed the significance of his music in their lives. Though I have several of my own Bowie favorites, and like everyone else was shocked by his passing, his music was never really a powerful part of my life. However,… Continue reading

  • My Moment of Fame

    For the first time last Fall, the middle school where I teach held a lip sync battle with staff and students as part of our morning announcements, and I made my way to the finals and eventually became reigning champ. Woo hoo! It was a BLAST, and I fully intend to defend my crown next… Continue reading

  • Harmony to Heartburn Playlist

    I’ve finally finished the third book in the Fortytude series and it will be heading to my magnificent proofreader Wendy Janes in April. Unfortunately, this one took me a little longer to complete than anticipated, so I’m excited to release. One of the funnest parts of releasing a new book is creating a playlist to go along… Continue reading

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