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Launch of My YouTube Channel

It’s been four years since I published my last book, and I’ve come to the conclusion that another one’s probably not in the cards. At least for now. I’ve been telling myself I really ought to get in front of the computer and start typing away at something new, but the motivation just hasn’t been there. It may be because the past couple of years I’ve been spending a lot of time learning new content in my teaching career, and I just don’t have the mental energy to devote to an entire book these days. Looking back now, I’m not sure how I did it.

However, I am the type of person who needs a creative outlet, an interest outside of my job. So, I thought I’d give the YouTube thing a go. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing with it just yet, but I’d like to create content aimed at people in midlife. I’ve already created three videos, and realized I never used the blog to let people know about the channel! So this is me doing that now. Better late than never.

I have a lot to learn about YouTube, branding, making eye catching thumbnails, etc., etc., but I’m excited and looking forward to exploring this new interest, and hope people will find the videos engaging.

Have a peek, and if you think my channel might be up your alley, please subscribe!
Click on images to view.

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