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Readers, Bifocals, Progressives, Oh My!

Readers? Bifocals? Progressives? In my latest YouTube post, I discuss what a pain it has been trying to correct my vision in my 50’s!

2 responses to “Readers, Bifocals, Progressives, Oh My!”

  1. I cannot wear contacts so that option was out. I had progressive one time..3 different lens. I HATED them. I was constantly moving my head up and down to get vision through the lens I needed. I had them taken out. I have worn glasses for over 65 years. So, finally just got single vision far away. I could take them off for up close. Then that failed and I had to use glasses for far away and readers for up close. I get my readers from $1 store. I have them all over the house, if you break a pair who cares. My dr. said they were just as good as the ones you pay close to $100 for. My vision kept getting worse until I got a cornea transplant. It doesn’t hurt by the way. Now I have 20/40 so I can see far away with no glasses at all. I use the readers for up close. I am 80, I have never worn glasses on a chain! When I go out I do wear sunglasses and I carry my readers with me. I hook them on the front of my shirt. I change them as I need then. I don’t know that there is any other answer. If you have a purse, that will hold the shades while you are in a store. I don’t carry a purse so I either put them in my pocket or hang them on my shirt. It is a pain in the behind but it is just a fact of life. Nothing else to do. You HAVE to wear shades in the sunlight. YOU have to protect your eyes first!! I don’t have to wear prescription sunglasses now either. That is a wonderful blessing. I can wear all the glasses everyone else wears. If you find a better way, be sure to post. I would like to hear it. It is an inconvenience but at least we can correct to the point of seeing. I lost the vision in my left eye and I learned that the eyes work together to help you see. Remember it may be fuzzy because you need a stronger prescription. My eyes continued to get worse until I had my transplant. It was great to wake up and be able to see. Go swimming and can see. I still try to take my glasses off when I go in the shower. Old habits die hard. Good luck.


    1. Shelly Hickman Avatar
      Shelly Hickman

      Cissy, I feel guilty griping about my vision when I know about all the problems you have had with yours. I guess I mostly get frustrated when I DON’T have my contacts in. When wearing contacts, I can cope with wearing the readers to see up close or see the computer. It’s when I don’t have my contacts in, like first thing in the morning or when my eyes are irritated, I can’t figure out how to get that intermediate vision I need when on the computer. I’ll just have to make due until I see my eye doctor in a couple more months and see what he suggests.


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