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Vegas to Varanasi Launch and Dream Cast


I didn’t do this for my two prior works, but discovered how fun it is to cast your own book by way of a blog post. When visualizing characters as I write, I tend to have certain celebrities in my head to help me see them better. I’ll admit some of my choices here are not the right age. My pick for Kiran is a little too young and my Luke is a little too old, so please indulge me. My selections are based on looks and/or personality, so let’s just pretend they’re the appropriate age. And away we go!



Anna is the girl you want as one of your closest friends and is terminally considerate of others. Sarah Jessica Parker is my choice for Anna. I have fond memories of her all the way back from her her Square Pegs and Footloose days, and have always found her funny and quite lovable. 



I knew I wanted the male lead to be Indian, but I didn’t know any celebrities to fashion him after. So before I began writing his character, I Googled Indian actors when I stumbled upon this guy, Hrithik Roshan. There was no need to look further! Yeah, he’s a tiny bit young for the part, so just picture him with a little gray on the sides. I’ve since developed a major celebrity crush on him, mainly because I’ve somehow attributed Kiran’s traits to Roshan. As one of my readers once said in an email, “God should have let romance writers create man.” LOL. Although from everything I’ve seen and heard of Roshan, he seems to have a perfectly lovely personality. 🙂



I admit it. I have a bit of a crush on Steve Carell as well, and he’s who I envision as Anna’s talented and goofy, yet messed up ex-boyfriend. He was downright adorable in The Forty Year Old Virgin, and even in his most annoying of roles (i.e., The Office), I still manage to find him appealing in an odd sort of way.



Since Anna expressly says that ex-husband Luke looked just like John Taylor of Duran Duran when they were in high school, of course Luke must be John Taylor!



Jane Levy of Suburgatory is my choice for Anna and Luke’s sensible daughter, Carly.



Brenton Thwaites as Anna and Luke’s easy-going son, Hayden. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with Brenton before now. I pictured Hayden with sort of a “surfer dude” look, and Brenton was perfect.

By the way, this image has gotten lots of re-pins from my Pinterest board. 😉



I tried to think of someone other than Melissa McCarthy for Anna’s best friend, Julia, for no other reason than she is so popular right now and seems like an overly obvious choice, but I really couldn’t see anyone else in the role but her.



Love Alec Baldwin, and had to cast him as Luke’s long-time partner, Richard.



And finally, I chose the lovely Kate Winslet as Christine, Kiran’s ex-fiance who broke his heart.

I hope my choices don’t spoil it for anyone. I always prefer to have my own mental images of characters while reading, but I couldn’t resist. This was just too fun.

6 responses to “Vegas to Varanasi Launch and Dream Cast”

  1. Can’t wait to read it!! So happy to have found you on Goodreads, love finding new authors!


    1. Well, I’m happy you found me too, Angie! Welcome!


  2. Deborah Hildebrandt Avatar
    Deborah Hildebrandt

    Congratulation Shelly! I can’t wait to read it!


    1. Thank you, Deborah!


  3. I love these choices! I grabned my copy on Amazon and I love audiobooks, so hopefully I’ll add the audio to it, too! Thanks!


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Tara!


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